We understand that delivering quality diagnostic care with the lowest possible radiation dose is a desired goal.

It takes more than just low-dose devices. A comprehensive dose management program also demands the collaborative efforts of the entire imaging team, from the referring physician and technologists operating the equipment to the radiologists reading the scan and medical physicists evaluating protocols.

An integrated program of evidence-based best practices can aid you in capturing, tracking, reporting and monitoring radiation dose at the patient level, across your enterprise and integrated with your PACS and RIS.

There’s never been a better time to establish your organization as a dose management leader, in light of new regulations, audit  standards, and increased patient education. But most of all, because it’s the right thing to do for optimum patient care.

GE Healthcare’s Dose Management solutions can help you achieve Dose Leadership by helping you to:

  • Collect comprehensive data across your facility and devices 
  • Manage risk in your hospital
  • Get better value from your technology through advanced analytics
  • Create one ecosystem, within your department

Your journey to dose leadership starts here.

Where Do You Stand?

Do you know where you stand?

  • Are you taking full advantage of the low-dose technologies that are already on your scanners?
    • Are they used consistently and are you monitoring that use?
  • Do you have low-dose technologies in all of your imaging locations throughout your system?
  • What education or training programs do you have in place to ensure consistent knowledge levels about medical radiation and the various low-dose technologies among current and new staff?
  • What systems do you have in place to effectively track and manage many of the variables involved in diagnostic imaging exams?
    • The patients and diseases being treated?
    • The knowledge, experience and skills of imaging staff?
    • The imaging protocols and practices?
  • Are you measuring dose and tracking dose metrics for every exam, every time?
    • How frequently are you reviewing these metrics?
    • How are you using them to improve your practice?

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for opportunities for improvement, you can benefit from one of GE Healthcare’s Dose Management solutions.

GE Blueprint

GE Blueprint – A Dose Management Solution:

Utilizing a comprehensive approach encompassing leadership, practices, and technology, GE Blueprint helps healthcare organizations build a strategic roadmap for a comprehensive radiation dose management strategy that goes beyond dose technique and technology.

A radiation dose management program can only be as effective as the people who administer, oversee and execute it. GE Blueprint offers:

  • Dose Education Portfolio – From radiation safety training to protocol optimization and technologist dose knowledge assessment – we offer multiple ways for you to provide training to your staff. 
  • Benchmark – Offers providers an opportunity to obtain a comparative performance baseline of their dose management efforts and helps illustrate the value of having a strategy for Dose Management.
  • Dose Excellence Program – GE Healthcare offers a partnership to help improve patient care by supporting healthcare organizations in establishing a comprehensive radiation dose management program.
  • Customer Communication Package – Marketing toolkit to help customers communicate dose management practices to referrals/prescribers, payers, regulators, and patients.

To realize all the potential benefits of a dose-reduction program, you need to optimize practices, procedures and protocols. GE Blueprint offers:

  • DoseWatch – Gather standards-based data from your comprehensive imaging enterprise and use that information to manage dose across your organization.  
  • Innova Dose Reports – Dose summaries from interventional systems that delivers periodic dose reports by email.  
  • Dose Excellence Program – Utilize this program that is supported by GE experts to change your dose processes and practices.
  • Benchmark – The goal is to benchmark your health systems efforts to reduce radiation exposure, and uncover opportunities to improve your radiation dose management program.

Dose-reduction technologies, combined with use of current technologies, can help you continually optimize dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality, across all diagnostic modalities. GE Blueprint offers: 

For CT: 

  • ASiR – The first iterative reconstruction technology may enable reduction in pixel noise standard deviation, and its reconstruction algorithm may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the dose required. 
  • VEO – The world’s first model-based, iterative reconstruction product. By combining sophisticated algorithms and advanced computing power, VEO may enable reduction in pixel noise standard deviation.
  • DoseCheck – DoseCheck alerts you when a pre-determined dose level will be exceeded. A prompt alerts your operator to the situation.

For Interventional:

  • Dose Reduction Features – Optimize and personalize dose settings from the table-side, while maintaining clinical details you need to help you make well informed decisions. 
  • Dose Awareness Solutions – Provides healthcare organizations insightful and comprehensive dose information and enables a proactive approach to radiation management. 
  • Dose Efficient Technologies – Technologies designed to provide the image clarity you need while helping you keep dose as low as possible.

Our Commitment to You
DoseWatch is the only dose management software developed by medical physicists for a major imaging OEM, providing deep domain expertise in dose optimization, clinical education and low-dose technologies. At GE Healthcare, we never stop working to improve the medical imaging process. We’re constantly working to find new ways to maximize image quality, and minimize radiation exposure.

Engineering technology to minimize medical radiation exposure is an important part of our work, but the education and training we offer medical professionals on managing medical radiation exposure are equally important. GE is committed to sustained change, improving operational performance and transforming clinical care delivery through advisory services, technology and analytics.  


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DoseWatch Overview

One solution with integrated radiation and contrast dose management across all your radiation emitting medical devices.

DoseWatch is a enterprise-wide dose management solution designed to automatically collect and analyze patient radiation and iodine exposure across multi-facility, multi-modality, and multi-vendor imaging environments.1

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DoseWatch Explore Overview

DoseWatch Explore is a web-based, cloud deployed, introductory dose management software to track, analyze and report practice-level data for GE CT systems. This software collects radiation dose data1 directly from your GE CT scanner, then summarizes and presents the data via a web application. 

With this introductory offering you can start to make initial improvements around dose management to help drive changes in your organization that will ultimately improve patient care with respect to radiation doses.

Learn more about DoseWatch Explore >> 

1. Contrast Data Mgmt. module collects contrast data automatically for class 4 integrated injectors for GE CT scanners only and is available for manual entry for other modalities connected to DoseWatch with the Contrast Data Management Module. Dose tracking for Nuclear Medicine is available for PET, PET/CT for single injection procedures only.