DoseWatch Explore

DoseWatch Explore is a web-based, cloud deployed*, introductory dose management software to track, analyze and report practice-level data for GE CT systems. This software collects radiation dose data1 directly from your GE CT scanner, then summarizes and presents the data via a web application. With this introductory offering you can start to make initial improvements around dose management to help drive changes in your organization that can ultimately improve patient care with respect to radiation doses.

    DoseWatch Explore provides:

  1. Visibility to practice level dose data
  2. An affordable program w/ no IT integration
  3. An automated tool for dose data & analytics

DoseWatch Explore:
A first step in a comprehensive dose management program.

A comprehensive dose management program requires a combination of a well-designed dose reduction strategy, smart dose technologies, and the collaborative efforts of the entire imaging team. In addition to DoseWatch Explore GE Healthcare's Dose Management portfolio includes: 


1 To mitigate privacy concerns, GE Healthcare does not collect patient identifiers only the exam ID and corresponding protocol parameters and dosimetric information.


With DoseWatch Explore on your GE CT scanners you can:

  • Identify high dose protocols and trending over time
  • Compare protocols to understand variation
  • Receive alerts when exams have exceeded pre-defined thresholds
  • Quantify results of protocol optimization activities
  • Generate reports to communicate results to C-suite/leadership

Drive Awareness
DoseWatch Explore helps you quickly spot trends for CT exams and identify the most prevalent protocols and exams that have generated an alert.

Optimize Performance
DoseWatch Explore provides a variety of embedded analysis tools to identify opportunities to optimize dose.

Share Results
DoseWatch Explore offers automated monthly reports with predefined analysis and graphs - the parameters can be customized and received by email.

Do you want a dose management solution that goes across all of your radiation emitting devices and integrates within your network?  

Then check out DoseWatch - our core enterprise dose management solution.

The DoseWatch Explore user interface is intuitive for users to navigate because it leverages the GE Predix platform.



DoseWatch Explore Brochure

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DoseWatch Explore Product Data Sheet

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