Identify heart problems that may otherwise go unnoticed with the help of HRT analysis from GE Healthcare. This powerful diagnostic tool measures and compares the heart rate before and after premature ventricular contractions. These comparisons are used to determine the status of the autonomic nervous and cardiovascular systems, which can be indicative of cardiac health.

HRT analysis is part of a suite of diagnostic tools to support better care for cardiac patients and is available on the MARS* and CardioDay** Holter analysis systems.

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HRT analysis promotes excellent clinical care while offering ease of use:

  • Provides clinicians with visualization of data used to calculate HRT
  • Simple to use, with default settings linked to current literature recommendations
  • User-flexible criteria

When HRT is used in conjunction with T-wave Alternans (TWA), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and QT analysis, multiple risk factors can be measured simultaneously, giving clinicians a comprehensive view of a patient’s risk. This approach is designed to:

  • Streamline cardiac monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Improve outcomes
  • Transform the way we look at cardiac care