The GE ComboLab System provides a cost effective solution that allows dual use of your cardiac cath lab – so you can acquire, store and manage clinical data efficiently in clinical workflow and reporting.

ComboLab allows you to choose to use either the CardioLab* Electrophysiology Recording System or the Mac-Lab* Hemodynamic Recording System depending on your caseload. ComboLab is available in three configurations tailored to help meet the demands of your clinical caseload.

  • ComboLab IT - essential functionality and exceptional performance 
  • ComboLab XT - efficient information integration and workflow enhancements for high volume labs 
  • ComboLab XTi - a leap forward in information synchronization for complex studies and advanced image-guided procedures


With ComboLab, enhanced levels of integration are designed to deliver:

  • Intuitive operation. The user interface has been updated for simple, intuitive operation. 
  • Comprehensive review and reporting (optional for ComboLab XT and standard for ComboLab XTi). Integration of the Centricity* CA1000 image review and analysis workstation lets you review of previously acquired image data with the rest of the procedural data for comprehensive review and reporting on the patient’s clinical condition. 
  • FFR integration (standard for ComboLab XT and XTi). With direct input of both PressureWire** Aeris wireless technology and SmartMap** pressure instrument and auto-calculation of the FFR value, there's no need for a separate FFR analyzer and set-up. 

Case Studies

Case Studies Demonstrate the Benefits of CardioLab 

Chris Atherton, Director of the Arrhythmia Center at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses how detailed technology considerations played a key role in starting their Electrophysiology (EP) program.




Dr. Mark Dixon, Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology department at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses the value of technology integration.