VGR case study

Support collaboration and efficiency with a vendor-neutral Clinical Archive

Healthcare officials from Västra Götaland Region (VGR) in Sweden were looking to integrate Radiology services and provide standardised access of the patient history in their region.

GE Healthcare and VGR developed a single clinical archive that supports patient clinical information sharing and teleradiology.

Integrating 17 hospitals across western Sweden through a single information infrastructure

With a shortage of Radiologists, the VGR region needed to increase mobility ofits clinicians to report across facilities and provide quick access to both images and the patient history.

GE Healthcare provided a single vendor-neutral clinical archive solution that supports the integration of clinical data from 17 hospitals and the technology from 7 different RIS/PACS suppliers. Thus, helping to improve information transparency, harmonise patient history and increase efficiency among the hospitals of the VGR region.


  • Shared access to patient history, images and reports
  • Harmonisation of information with one common source of truth
  • Reduction in data storage needs
  • Improved turnaround of teleradiology services and second opinion