With many NHS PACS and RIS replacement projects in 2012, healthcare IT is front of mind for healthcare professionals across the country. The need of increased efficiency and productivity in care delivery, without compromising the quality of care, calls for a new era of integrated collaborative care. It is a patient-driven, outcomes-driven method of delivering healthcare. 

At GE Healthcare, we are committed to developing IT solutions which will address your needs of unification of image viewing, integrated workflows, consolidation of patient clinical information and improved collaboration between healthcare experts across an enterprise or a community.

The special UK edition of Imagine IT contains various articles providing you insights on visionary IT solutions which can address specific needs of your Trust for today and tomorrow.

You will learn about :

  • The role of Healthcare IT for Integrated collaborative care
  • Healthcare IT at London 2012
  • Cloud PACS services
  • Web based integrated collaborative workflows
  • Image exchange using Vendor Neutral Archive
  • IT service excellence in the UK