The Senographe Essential full-field digital system is designed to give you what you need to perform high-quality mammograms. It is GE’s flagship mammography product that lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures—from in-office screening, diagnostics, interventions and mobile screenings.

With Senographe Essential you’ll get:

  • Value through high-quality images.
  • Continuum in a long-term investment and a platform that is upgradeable.
  • Smooth and efficient workflow due to comprehensive workflow solutions from worklist integration and multi-modality capabilities.
GE Healthcare Senographe Essential product shot


Senographe Essential helps make mammography easy for you and your patients. It:

  • Offers the largest detector on the market.
  •  Offers fast positioning.
    The isocentric two-speed gantry allows you to position patients quickly and easily.
  • Helps you provide quality care.
    An automatic image display helps you quickly make confident decisions for positioning and quality assurance.
  • Lets you see breast tissue clearly.
    An optional 3 megapixel monitor at the technologist workstation provides high-resolution images that help you review breast tissue. (The 3 megapixel monitor is not intended for diagnostic review.)


Every Senographe mammography system uses the same integrated image chain. GE is the only imaging vendor that owns the image chain from start to finish. From x-ray tube to detector to image-reconstruction software, every component contributes to high image quality at optimum dose for each patient’s breast composition.

Senographe Essential  offers:

Outstanding Image Quality

  • Enhanced Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE).
  • Molybdenum/Rhodium dual track tube.
  •  Automatic Optimization of Parameters (AOP) that transparently selects all exposure parameters based on breast radiological properties.
  • Three AOP modes that enable flexibility in dose management.
  • Enhanced conspicuity with Fine View and improved contrast with Premium View*.

Seamless Digital Workflow Connectivity

  • AutoQAP Quality assurance programs help ensure consistent image quality while minimizing the workload. Most weekly and monthly tests are automatically scored and saved by the systems, which can help increase your productivity.
  • Automated repeat-reject analysis (RRA) software allows you to indicate the reason for rejected images and saves this data to a downloadable file for quality control purposes.