Product Overview

The Senographe Essential Interventional is a flexible solution for screening Senographe Essential Interventional and clinician.and diagnostic mammography and breast biopsy. It is designed to help improve clinical confidence, accuracy, and comfort in biopsies. In as little as a few minutes, you can transform your digital mammography system into a biopsy system.

In one room, with one detector and one user interface, you can perform screening, diagnostic, and interventional studies. Just slide the add-on interventional unit onto your Senographe Essential, and you’re ready to perform breast biopsies. With GE’s add-on interventional system, you can conduct screening, diagnostics and interventional procedures in the same room—keeping your system operational for as much time as possible and helping reduce costs associated with an interventional-only room.


The Senographe Essential Interventional offers a mammography and breast biopsy solution that:

  • Lets you perform breast biopsies without the expense of a dedicated biopsy room.
    An integrated system gives you the flexibility to save time, space, and money by using a single system for your breast care practice.
  • Helps enhance patient comfort and access for you.
    You have the choice of using a vertical or lateral approach, and you can exclude the biopsy device from the patient’s view regardless of approach. You can also position your patient for comfort, seated or decubitus, helping reduce her anxiety.
  • Helps deliver clinical confidence.
    Using the same equipment for both imaging and interventional procedures means that the area of interest found on your patient’s mammogram is just as visible when you perform the biopsy.


The technology behind the Senographe Essential Interventional can help you:

  • Increase your clinical confidence. The system uses the same digital detector to acquire the stereo images (the same image quality for diagnosis and biopsy).
  • Use the system with ease. The simple and intuitive user interface helps you:

    • Efficiently set up the system
    • Quickly calibrate once in the morning before your first patient without having to recalibrate during the day
    • Acquire stereo image pairs in either direction
    • Move the tube to accommodate a comfortable position for your patient and easily position for biopsy access; you can image +15° to –15° or reverse because the machine does not require you to image in a single direction 
    • Rotate the tube head at +/- 33°, which allows close access to operating field
    • Change between vertical and lateral during procedure if necessary to visualize inferior areas

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