Clinical case: Inferior Scar

Courtesy of Prof. Kaufmann, Dr. Herzog,
Dr. Buchel
, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.

The clinical case below is displayed only for educational purpose and for the benefit of healthcare student and professional.


58 years old man, 182 cm Height, 84 Kg Weight.

Medical history

Known CAD with a history of inferior myocardial infarction in 2005. Current problem: Chest pain and pathological treadmill test in 12/08.


One day
Adenosine Stress
308 MBq Stress
919 MBq Rest


Small hypokinetic inferior scar. No ischaemia. Normal left ventricular function (EF 58%).


Standard procedure             Alcyone Technology
Ventri - LEHRcollimator        procedure Discovery NM 530c
20 min Stress 18 min             5 min Stress 3 min Rest