Labor and Delivery

Deliver a good childbirth experience for your patients with solutions for labour and delivery from GE Healthcare. We implement high technology solutions to provide resources from the monitoring, imaging and data collection to innovative care environments including systems that keep mom and baby at a high level of safety and comfort.


Find the resources you need to promote a safe, personal childbirth experience at GE:    

Maternal & Foetal Monitoring 

Bring your patients the benefit of GE Healthcare’s strong heritage and commitment to foetal and maternal monitoring. By bridging high-tech and high-touch, GE provides flexibility and immediacy in assessment and documentation of vital maternal and foetal parameters to ensure a personalized birthing experience.   

Trium CTG Online (new position) 

Information is critical to the care you provide. Trium’s innovative products and services support a universal solution for data collection, data transfer, analysis, and visualization of all data monitored in the Labour and Delivery.   


Promote healthy development by providing the right microenvironment for your patients. GE Healthcare is proud to offer one of the most complete portfolio of open and closed microenvironments, each designed to meet the specific and exacting needs of either the L&D or the NICU. From the most-developmentally-appropriate Giraffe family of microenvironments to the simplest and rugged Lullaby product family, count on GE to deliver quality.   

Lullaby Phototherapy System 

Bring babies the care they need with the Lullaby* LED Phototherapy System from GE Healthcare. Used to treat indirect hyperbilirubinemia in newborns, this exceptional device combines a high level of clinical performance with a simple, flexible design that improves workflow efficiency and can help keep costs down.   


When you’re choosing ultrasound equipment, experience counts. For the past three decades, healthcare providers have looked to GE Healthcare Ultrasound for clinical imaging solutions. Today, our offerings range from OB-GYN to General Imaging to Cardiovascular Ultrasound.   

Supplies & Accessories 

Get the resources you need from a partner you trust. GE Healthcare is known as one of the premier medical equipment companies worldwide, offering some of the finest technology available to healthcare professionals. Our solutions have been tested and validated for system compatibility, which helps ensure reliable parameter readings, the cornerstone for quality patient care. We research and deliver innovative technology, offer improved ergonomics accessories and provide continuous support throughout the life of the equipment.