Superb Image Quality

VUE Point HD is designed to maximize image quality. The image improvements are due to the application’s fully 3-dimensional iterative reconstruction (3D-IR) and advanced correction techniques. In addition to obtaining clear, accurate images, you can also see small lesions in high-activity backgrounds because VUE Point HD provides improved signal-to-noise ratio, contrast recovery and excellent spatial resolution.


Detecting Small Lesions in High-Activity Backgrounds

VUE Point HD allows you to: 

  • Reconstruct images quickly 
  • Accurately model detector curvature 
  • Calculate the scatter coincidence distribution
  • Achieve improved signal-to-noise ratio, contrast recovery
  • Maximize counts 



VUE Point HD features include: 

  • Fully 3D iterative reconstruction 
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio 
  • High contrast-recovery coefficients 
  • Corrections done within iterative loop 
  • Provides excellent spatial resolution 
  • Calculates scatter coincidence distribution