Rarely Does Sensitivity Show Such Power

The Discovery* PET/CT 600 brings advanced imaging tools and applications to your clinical routine.

Having high sensitivity enables you to detect and monitor small tumors. You can obtain better image quality with low dose and less time per bed position – all with full scan range. You can diagnose disease accurately and stage it effectively. You can develop precise treatment plans and monitor therapy response maintaining clinical confidence at every step.

You can reduce the effects of physiological movement with GE’s advanced motion-management technology, now taken even further. PET images can be reconstructed up to four times faster. You will streamline workflow and throughput with one of the industry’s fastest exams.

This system is well-suited for the needs of oncology, including radiation treatment planning and monitoring.


The Discovery PET/CT 600 brings advanced imaging tools and applications to your clinical routine and is well-suited for the needs of oncology, including radiation treatment planning and monitoring. 

  • High sensitivitiy may allow for lower injected dose and shorter acquisition times
  • MotionMatch can help minimize the effects of patient’s physiological movement on PET/CT images.
  • Automatically phase-match 4D PET/CT and view gated studies for advanced motion management.
  • Visualize and monitor response to therapy using PET VCAR. 

Starting with pre-scan and straight through post-processing, the Discovery PET/CT 600 helps make the most of your information to maximize image quality. 

  • Help you see small lesions in high-activity backgrounds with intelligent reconstruction.  Full 3D capabilities that maximize signal counts by utilizing all axial response angles.
  • PET/CT data integration and volumetric workflow from calibration to post-processing with PET/CT console, fully integrated PET/CT operator’s environment.
  • Advantage Workstation* that offers fast, flexible and clinically effective post-processing capabilities. 

In addition, Discovery PET/CT 600 is designed to help you get the most from your system.

  • Ability to operate the Discovery PET/CT 600 as a standalone 8- or 16-slice CT scanner.
  • PET system rated #1 for its reliability and that is backed by one of the largest and most experienced service forces.1 
  • See scanner’s operational status at a glance including planned maintenance schedules, complete service history, contract information and system health with iCenter* Asset Maintenance portal.

1. Data cited from the 2010 ServiceTrak Imaging Survey of PET systems. IMV is an independent medical imaging research firm that annually surveys imaging professionals on their satisfaction with OEM equipment service.


Discovery PET/CT 600 from GE Healthcare is packed with advanced technologies that let you stay on top of tomorrow. 

  • High-sensitivity GE BGO crystal with unequaled 30-mm-thick geometry.
  • GE-exclusive quad-photomultiplier and digital front-end signal processing technology.  
  • Well-suited for fluorine-based tracers and for advanced oncology studies including radiation therapy planning. 
  • Single button push launch of Daily Quality Assurance procedure with automated source loader that lets your staff avoid additional radiation exposure. 
  • InSite* OnWatch remote service technology that constantly analyzes data to potentially eliminate faults before they occur.
  • TiP* Virtual Assist (TVA) On Demand service program for efficient trouble shooting support and real-time technologist training.