Product Overview

Meeting Tracer Production Challenges 

FASTlab helps you efficiently and economically meet capacity demands for PET tracers. The system allows you to produce FDG, NaF, FMISO, and FLT on the same platform, saving you space and training time. You can also achieve higher yields per batch with FASTlab, with consistently high reproducibility, so you maintain high standards for accuracy. And when your needs change, FASTlab is designed to accommodate new tracers as they’re developed so you can save money by continuing to use the same platform.

The FASTlab Multi-Tracer delivers high/consistent yield, facilitates the GMP and regulatory compliance and is upgradeable to FASTlab Developer.


  • Access to a variety of PET tracers, non-proprietary and GE proprietary tracers

  • Ease of operation

  • Facilitation of GMP and regulatory compliance 

    • Integrated pharmaceutical grade cassette, preloaded with chemicals and all components 

    • 1 fully validated and documented kit

    • ONE consolidated Certificate of Analysis

    • White papers

  • Operational efficiency

    • High reliability 

    • High/consistent yield

  • Global Service coverage

  • World class chemistry and pharmaceutical expertise


System Characteristics

  • Size: 51x41x44 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 45 kg


Tracer Cassettes

Bar-coded cassettes pre-loaded with reagents and fine-tuned synthesis parameters:

FASTlab FDG Cassette:  phosphate buffer formulation

FASTlab FDG Cassette: citrate buffer formulation

FASTlab NaF Cassette  

FASTlab FMISO Cassette 

FASTlab FLT Cassette  

FASTlab Datasheets

Customer testimonials

1. Customer testimonial

“I would recommend the upgrade from GE TRACERlab* MX to FASTlab. Due to several technical, cassette-based, and software program issues with the older unit, I decided to move from TRACERlab MX to FASTlab for all our FDG synthesis. To my pleasant surprise, other than solving all the technical, cassette, and PC-based problems, the FDG yield and reliability of production had improved greatly. The move to the FASTlab for the production of FDG has reduced the need for redoing the synthesis due to technical problems or cassette reliability issues by several folds, with no need for a redundant second FDG module.” 

S. Somanesan, Senior Principal Radiation Physicist, Dept of Nuclear Medicine & PET Operations & QA Manager, Cyclotron Facility PTPL Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.

2. Customer testimonial

“I think the FASTlab cassette based system which requires minimal user input is a huge benefit for GMP. The cassette is ready to install, with only one COA (Certificate of Analysis) needed for all components. Other modules often require user input to reassemble and verify a cassette is in working order, or install reagents.” 

Sally Schwarz, Research Associate Professor, Director of Clinical PET Radiopharmaceutical Production, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University, USA.

Discover the benefits of replacing your TRACERlab MX or TRACERlab FX FDG with FASTlab 

Enhance your PET tracer production with the latest technology:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • GMP compliance
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility

You told us …

I want to reduce my PET tracers production costs

I want to confidently produce and deliver doses

I want to facilitate my quality, regulatory, and GMP compliance

I want to be prepared for the future of PET tracers

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the special “Evolution” program* and replace your TRACERlab MX or TRACERlab FX FDG with a FASTlab Multi-Tracer system

Program highlights:

  • Trade-in credit
  • Secure supply of FASTlab integrated cassettes at a discounted price based on annual production volumes
  • Quick Start Package - Comprehensive package includes on-site applications training , one year warranty and access to our regulatory support packages
  • Access to FASTlab Developer (optional)
  • Immediate participation in the FASTlab user group community

Please contact your local GE representative for more details or simply email us at

* Special Terms and Conditions apply