Automated, easy to use and economical

The GENtrace cyclotron is a compact, automated, single-particle cyclotron designed for fast, easy and efficient production of PET isotopes. It offers the ability to meet your in-house clinical needs and flexibility for your research programs.  The GENtrace cyclotron is a negative ion cyclotron using GE’s industry leading vertical mid-plane design, giving you the benefits of a compact footprint and easy maintenance.


An affordable choice for your start-up TRACERcenter*

  • Ideal for clinical sites with onsite PET/CT imaging with 18F-FDG and research isotopes
  • Designed for minimum siting requirements and siting within an existing facility
  • Enhanced self shield design for radiation protection to personnel and the environment
  • Economical solution for bringing clinical PET to a community hospital
  • Field upgradeable for a growing PET imaging program


Technical innovations for reliability and radiation safety

  • Using iron as part of the magnet yoke design adds additional inherent shielding to protect the operator and the surrounding environment from radiation exposure.
  • A clean vacuum provided by the turbo molecular pump, is key to the robust and stable beam in the GENtrace cyclotron leading to decreased need for service interventions.
  • Utilizing an H2 gas generator for the ion source increases the lifetime of the ion source.  Removal of a hydrogen gas cylinder eliminates the risk of potential explosions and fire hazards.
  • Neither the liquid nor gas targets require helium cooling due to a grid-supported foil design. This significantly improves reliability as well as maximizes beam energy on target.
  • With the implementation of the beam pipe separation for radiation safety, a piezoelectrically driven motor enables accurate beam regulation for positioning the beam precisely into the target.



  • Energy: 7.8 MeV
  • 18F-fluoride capacity: 28 GBq / 750 mCi @ 2 h production
  • 11C-carbon dioxide in development
  • Weight: 6.7 metric tons
  • Self-shield dimensions: 4.04 m x 2.27 m x 2.00 m (closed; L x W x H)
  • Minimum room size 5.8 m x 6.2 m (36 m2) minimum 2.5 m clearance height

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