Fully Automated Tracer Production

TRACERlab FX C Pro synthesizer is an “all in one” platform for producing a variety of 11C-based tracers. The system can help improve your productivity because it integrates all the steps for 11C-based trade production into one automated module. It is designed with an injection valve, a semi-preparative HPLC column, a radioactivity flow-through detector, a UV detector, and a fraction collector value to isolate the final tracer. For labeling processes starting directly with [11C]CO2, the FX C Pro methylation step can be bypassed, which saves you production time.


Easy-to-Use 11C Tracer Production

The TRACERlab 11C tracer platforms are designed to formulate final tracers with minimal operator intervention.  The system allows you to:

  • Save time through automation
  • Achieve high yield
  • Deliver high specific activity
  • Control incoming gases


TRACERlab FX C Pro offers the following features:

  • External control system, connected to process module
  • Cryogenic 11C-methane trap with vacuum system
  • Electronic mass flow controller for incoming gases
  • Gas recycling pump
  • Sub-zero reactor (liquid N2) cooling
  • Purification with preparative HPLC
  • HPLC flow control
  • UV and radioactivity HPLC detector
  • Solid phase extraction (SPE) HPLC solvent removal
  • Direct carboxylation with CO2



TRACERlab FX C Pro specifications include:

  • Size (W x H x D):  50cm x 48 cm x 45cm
  • Weight:  40kg (not including vacuum pump, HPLC pump, UV detector, cables)
  • 3 reagent vials, 3 formulation vials
  • 2 high temperature ovens for gas phase reactions
  • 2 molecular sieve traps, can be heated and cooled
  • 1 glass reactor
  • Fraction collection and dilution vessel
  • 5 Geiger-Muller counters
  • 2 HPLC eluents