Digital technology has transformed, in your daily life, the way you capture, record and use images.

Applied to your X-ray systems, this new technology can allow you to:

  • streamline your workflow, 

  • decrease unnecessary moves inside your radiology department 

  • reduce dose given to the patient while keeping excellent image quality and the advantages of analog features


With Aero DR flat panel, you can benefit from:

  • Improvement of medical staff and patient well-being thanks to:

    • Innovative panel structure : light (2.9kg for the 14x17’’ panel) and proof-shock, thanks to its carbon-fiber structure

    • Innovative capacitor: full charge in only 30 minutes, allowing to perform up to 120 images with one charge. 
      This reliable capacitor is perfectly adapted to high throughput.

    • High-performance scintillator allowing to perform up to 50% dose reduction

  • One unique interface for your whole department for an easy handling and consistent results. This digitalization solution is adaptable on most of the GE and non-GE X-ray systems, both mobiles and fixed. 

  • Flexibility to perform optimized exams and simple integration in all the buckies thanks to multi, standard size:
    10x12’’; 14x17’’ and 17x17’’. 

Solution for you

Take advantage of the GE digitalization offer to benefit from :

  • The whole GE expertise in radiology 

The retrofit solution can be adapted to a large part of your installed base, in order to provide you with an optimized solution, matching your needs.

  • The GE-guaranteed systems maintenance 

You have a unique contact point, for a full service offer covering your whole department.