Ultrasound designed to fit your application.

With its streamlined design, ergonomics, and user-friendly operation, the LOGIQ* C3 Premium ultrasound system from GE Healthcare is well suited for clinics and hospitals covering general imaging, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications. The system’s size and weight make it easy to transport to the care area where it’s needed.

This highly capable black and white ultrasound system is designed to be affordable and help enhance patient care quality. GE’s versatile TruScan* architecture delivers exceptional ultrasound performance and makes virtual rescan possible. With access to raw image data, you can annotate comments, measure and optimize the image – even after the patient has left the exam room.

LOGIQ C3 Premium also incorporates many of GE Healthcare’s technological innovations found on premium ultrasound systems, including harmonics, CrossXBeam*, Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), B-Steer and LOGIQview.

This can result in excellent image quality, fast image acquisition, and can help improve efficiency. Across a wide range of clinical applications, technologies such as Anatomical M-Mode (AMM), Auto Intima-Media Thickness measurement (Auto IMT) and Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), help you gain more diagnostic confidence.

Diagnostic capability

Diagnostic capability that makes a positive difference

     LOGIQ C3 Premium delivers exceptional TruScan performance and many of the advanced features found on GE’s premium ultrasound systems.


 General Radiology – Liver with SRI & CrossXBeam  OB – Fetal aortic arch & IVC  Small Parts – Thyroid with a cyst and calcareous deposit  Vascular – Carotid & Jugular
 Liver with SRI & CrossXBeam  Fetal aortic arch & IVC Thyroid with a cyst
 Carotid & Jugular

 Cardiology – Adult heart with Anatomical M-Mode  Musculoskeletal – Biceps brachii using SRI and Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)    
Adult heart/Anatomical M-Mode Biceps brachii using SRI and THI

Image quality excellence

  • Both Tissue Harmonics Imaging and Phase Inversion Harmonics Imaging provide high spatial resolution and deep penetration to assist in the visualization of smaller objects
  • CrossXBeam enhances border definition to help improve tissue differentiation and enhance contrast resolution
  • SRI preserves border definition to help indicate differences in tissues and anatomy
  • B-Steer technology clearly visualizes the needle and anatomy in one image – without compromise
  • Anatomical M-Mode captures an entire apex to base cardiology data set using raw digital clips. Create, align and measure M-Modes in multiple planes, adjusting for anatomical variations in organ alignment

Technology to help enhance productivity and simplicity

  • TruScan allows virtual rescans, providing access to raw image data for comment, measurement and optimization – even after the patient has left the room
  • Auto Optimization enhances quality of images – including TGC, B-Mode and Doppler – at the touch of a button
  • LOGIQview provides panoramic imaging of anatomy that would otherwise be too large to display on a single image
  • QuickSave help transfer your images to a USB memory device or shared network folder in one step

Technology to help facilitate diagnosis

  • Auto IMT: This automated measurement tool helps improve inter-observer correlation when measuring the IMT and helps lessen the length of time to assess the common carotid artery
  • TDI: Tissue Doppler Imaging quantifies low-velocity myocardial motion
  • Training Model: Provides reference planes and text guidance to help novice users

Service & Support

Service support without compromise

LOGIQ C products are backed by GE's strong service support. A dedicated team of service engineers, spread across regions, ensures that you get more than just a product. GE is one of the world leaders in Ultrasound with customers confidently recommending our products. With GE you have the confidence of the service and support you need, when you need it.

That's why you'll receive:

  • In-depth, on-site applications training
  • Assistance by one of the best-trained and most widely deplyoyed ultrasound service teams in the industry
  • Better service for your system due to the Frequent training programs that give our field engineers the professional development and productivity skills they need
  • Proactive monitoring, real-time support and training through Insite *





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