Agile ultrasound.

The LOGIQ* E9 is a powerful and versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of imaging needs. With its advanced capabilities, the LOGIQ E9 allows you to use ultrasound in new ways. Let LOGIQ E9 help enable you to:

  • Deliver extraordinary image quality on virtually all patient body types.
  • Improve your workflow.
  • Visually track your position during a scan.
  • Integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET, or ultrasound images.



LOGIQ E9 premium general imaging ultrasound. The LOGIQ E9 leadership ultrasound

Extraordinary Images

Extraordinary images.

The LOGIQ E9 features advanced technology that gives you the ability to capture extraordinary images. Its innovative architecture provides the foundation for its extraordinary capabilities.

Agile Acoustic Architecture

Agile Acoustic Architecture uses proprietary dynamic models of the human body to help you acquire images on virtually any patient with minimal system adjustments. LOGIQ E9 helps you:

  • Acquire images quickly and with less operator interaction.
  • Obtain image uniformity from the near to far field.
  • Achieve deep penetration even on large patients.
  • Increase exam consistency.

E-Series transducers

Our ergonomically designed transducers work with Agile Acoustic Architecture to facilitate excellent image quality. Now, you don’t have to trade increased penetration for outstanding resolution—our transducers can give you both.

  • Acoustic Amplifier Technology recycles previously wasted acoustic energy into the transducer’s crystal, boosting sensitivity.
  • Single Crystal Technology increases bandwidth, offering better signal-to-noise ratio and improved axial resolution.
  • Matrix Array Technology uses multiple rows of crystals to achieve uniform resolution throughout the field of view.
Note: All comparisons based upon GE conventional ultrasound versus GE ultrasound featuring the above referenced features
LOGIQ E9 clinician with patient.

Expert Tools

Powerful tools for advanced imaging.

The advanced technology of the LOGIQ E9 was designed to offer extensive functionality beyond traditional ultrasound. The system provides an array of expert tools and technologies, including:

Volume Ultrasound

This technology lets clinicians acquire and construct volumetric datasets in real-time and observe anatomy in any plane.

  • Multiplanar imaging allows you to view any plane individually or simultaneously with other orthogonal planes.
  • The C-plane allows you to display areas in an imaging plane parallel to the skin—ordinarily impossible using conventional 2D ultrasound.
  • Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) enables volume data to be viewed in multiple slices, much like CT and MR.
  • Volume Calculation (VOCAL) helps you evaluate irregular structures by automatically calculating volumes based on automated or manual tracing of the structure.


  • Volume Navigation The technology includes a comprehensive suite of features as Fusion imaging, GPS and Needle Tracking.

  • Fusion merges real-time ultrasound with CT, MR, PET or ultrasound images, enabling you to benefit from the strengths of each exam.

  • GPS helps enable you to visually track your position during a scan from different views, guide biopsies efficiently and effectively, and simplify the counting of masses, lesions and nodules.

  • Needle Tracking helps you achieve a high level of accuracy for guided procedures by improving precision with a re-usable sensor that displays the exact position of the needle tip.
  • Virtual Tracker provides a "virtual" projection of the Needle path, due to a sensor mounted on the Needle hub. Potential bending of the Needle can occur, with small sizes, The feature helps you plan successfully your treatment and decide the best access to the patient, improving your confidence. The Tracker can be used with any RFA needle.



    Additional Expert Tools

    • Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness) helps provide automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness measurements to help reduce the exam time while evaluating the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness.
    • Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound LOGIQ E9 is setting a new pace in deep abdominal and superficial contrast imaging with a comprehensive package of settings depending on the selected probes and models. The Amplitude Modulation Mode (AM) empowers you with stunning echo contrast sensitivity, penetration and a perfect tissue background cancellation. The new HiRes Mode, based on Phase Inversion technique, provides an extraordinary spatial and temporal resolution with an outstanding echo contrast differentiation. HiRes is ideal for vascular studies, providing a stunning depiction of the smallest vessels. An extensive Quantitative package completes the offering with Raw Data TIC Q-Analysis as well as Volume CEUS reprocessing tools. 
    • Multi-modality Query Retrieve allows you to retrieve a previous exam, acquired by any imaging modality (e.g. CT, MRI, Mammo, etc..) and display it in a side-by-side screen with your live ultrasound image.
    • Elastography helps evaluate tissue stiffness to obtain additional diagnostic information that can aid you in making patient management decisions. The Qualitative package provides useful tools to help increase your feature confidence, as the qualitative compression bar and the quality graph. A semi-Quantitative strain-based package provides E-Index and E-Ratio values together with a Q-Analysis tool that help add objective information to the  coded color Elastography pattern.  
      Learn more about elastography.


    Vascular Quantification
    The 2D/3D Quantification package provides extensive measurement of the vascular activity in user selected  Region-of-Interest (ROIs) during a multi frame acquisition. This tool enables to get information about the max and min enhancement, the frames where it occurs, the percentage of vascularity in the ROI and more. The feature could help in staging an inflammation process and monitoring targeted vascular therapies, as in rheumatology.    


    Cardiac Tools

    • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), a cardiac tool that measures the myocardial velocities longitudinally, evaluating systolic and diastolic function.
    • Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD) measures segmental velocity of the myocardium longitudinally.
    • Q-Analysis plots the velocity information of discrete points for graphical analysis.

Easy Workflow

The LOGIQ E9 has features designed to help enhance workflow, mobility, and convenience.

Highly intuitive user interface

We’ve put controls right where you need them:

  • Full-sized, floating keyboard allows you to adjust the system to help reduce strain.
  • Highly intuitive control layout clusters your most-used keys around the trackball to help you focus on the patient instead of searching for the right key.
  • Customizable touch screen panel enables you to configure the system to your preferences.

Scan Assistant

Scan Assistant anticipates and preps the next step of a scan, helps reduce keystrokes, and frees you to focus on the important exam elements. A GE-commissioned study performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time. Scan Assistant performs the following tasks:

  • Initiates and auto-completes any required measurements.
  • Automatically steers color Doppler.
  • Sets up imaging controls and modes.
  • Inserts comments.
  • Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence.

Ergonomics designed for you

The LOGIQ E9 is 20% smaller and 100 pounds lighter than our previous premium ultrasound systems, and offers remarkable mobility.

  • Motorized adjustable height enables you to fit the system to your needs with the simple touch of a button.
  • Monitor tilts completely down to help ensure nothing obstructs your view when transporting the system.
  • Front and rear handles help make it easier for you to transport and maneuver the system.
  • E-Series transducers were designed with user input, featuring lighter materials, ridges for improved handling and proper grip, and flexible, lightweight cables.
LOGIQ E9 clinician with patient.



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