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With the growing use of ultrasound, healthcare providers are challenged to image patients of various ages and sizes, and encompass a wide range of clinical areas including abdominal, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, and small parts imaging.

It takes a special ultrasound system to help meet those demands – and the LOGIQ* S7 system is equipped for the challenge. This mobile, shared-service ultrasound system is designed specifically to provide: 

  • Consistent quality performance to help enhance diagnostic confidence across applications
  • User-sensitive design to help increase exam speed, as well as comfort and productivity
  • Intuitive tools to enable high utilization across multiple applications
  • All at an affordable price that helps meet expectations

LOGIQ S7 is well equipped for a variety of applications and ready to take on both routine and non-traditional challenges.


Sensational Performance

Sensational performance

LOGIQ S7 is engineered to provide quality and speed across applications, thanks to a variety of technologies and features migrated from the leadership platforms: .

  • S-Agile architecture – Advanced LOGIQ architecture helps deliver consistently clear images with minimal keystrokes.
  • Advanced transducers – Powerful LOGIQ E-Series transducer technology enables excellent images to be acquired quickly.
  • Image optimization tools – LOGIQ S7 is packed full of tools to help enhance image quality such as contrast resolution and border definition.

Specialized capabilities

Specialized capabilities

Beyond its ability to scan a wide variety of body types, the LOGIQ S7 offers tools that help provide additional exam information, as well as enhance productivity and diagnostic confidence. Dedicated packages help clinicians perform efficient, specialized exams.

Advanced tools help provide innovative, in-depth care.

  • Specialized features include B-Flow, Elastography with semi-Quantification, Flow Quantification, Contrast Imaging, B-Steer+, Volume Imaging and Multi-Modality Imaging Display.
  • Specialized transducers include convex, linear, phased array, matrix array and 3D/4D volume convex.

Raw Data – This feature captures data early in the image processing chain which affords clinicians the freedom to perform image adjustments, measurements, and other functions after the exam is completed.

Smart design

Smart design

The LOGIQ S7 user centric design can help reduce operator fatigue and risk of injury, while enhancing comfort.

  • System adjustability – LOGIQ S7 can be modified according to operator height and preference: the control panel swivels and moves up/down2 independently from the monitor for easy positioning, and the 19” LCD monitor on an articulated arm3 helps users attain an excellent viewing angle.
  • Intuitive interface – User-friendly keys, backlit controls and smart keys help promote peak performance. The 7” user-selectable touchscreen helps facilitate uninterrupted scanning.
  • Scan Assistant – This customizable scanning program helps decrease keystrokes, shorten exam time and increase exam consistency.





2 Only available on LOGIQ S7 Expert
3 Option on LOGIQ S7 Pro



Customer care

Responsive service and support

  • Connectivity – Robust DICOM connectivity that is compatible with many imaging IT solutions including GE Healthcare’s ViewPoint* 6 reporting and image management solution.
  • Education – Access training and support to help achieve the most from the system.
  • Service contract solutions – Choose from basic service to comprehensive support with parts and labor included.
  • Customer care – Join the LOGIQClub user community (www.logiqclub.net). Members become part of a dynamic community of clinicians, and have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices.





Clinical Images

Clinical images produced with LOGIQ S7


  3D visualization of the gallbladder
 using RAB4-8-D
3D visualization of the gallbladder
using RAB4-8-D
3D visualization of the gallbladder
using RAB4-8-D
Visualization of the pancreas
with C1-5-D

 Middle finger PIPJ using L8-18i-D Brachial Plexus visualization
using ML6-15
Finger tendon detail using ML6-1
 Middle finger PIPJ using L8-18i-D

 Early pregnancy examination
 using C1-5-D
Fetus heart hemodynamics with PW
using RAB4-8-D
3D imaging of fetus using RAB4-8-D  Fetal vessels examination
 with RAB4-8-D

 Thyroid lesion with Elastography
 using ML6-15
Thyroid lesion with Elastography
using 11L-D
Thyroid lesion with Elastography
using 11L-D
 Lower leg LOGIQView with 9L-D

GVJ with CFM using 9L-D
GVJ imaging using 9L-D
 ICA blood flow visualization
 using CFM with 9L-D
 LEA hemodynamics imaging with
 B-Flow Color using 9L-D



The LOGIQClub is a network of LOGIQ system users, all of whom are dedicated to clinical excellence in radiological ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you’ll benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals, and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

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