Extraordinary vision in women’s health imaging. 

More confidence for clinical decision-making. More tools to grow your practice. More productivity at a price that leaves more room in your budget. With the Signature Series Voluson* S8, you can count on so much more, including exceptional imaging across a range of applications. And workflow innovations that help deliver excellent results with fewer keystrokes. And a compact, ergonomic design. There’s no need to settle for anything less.

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The VolusonClub  is a global network exclusively for Voluson®  ultrasound users. It lets you share with other specialists from around the world at special events like new product launch meetings, VIP lounges at  
congresses and trade fairs, and annual Voluson user days in your region.
As a member, you will also receive regular newsletters, information about the latest in Voluson ultrasound practice and technology, and special offers
and opportunities announced on the club website.

Membership is free, and all the club benefits are yours, free of charge.

Your personal benefits:

  • Invitation to User Days
  • Access to a dedicated members' area (Lounge) at congresses
  • Personalized mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members
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