A service platform engineered for a fast, efficient response.


GE Healthcare Service technologies are the foundation of our maintenance and service offering. They save time and help reduce tedious, unproductive work.

That means you have more time to provide compassionate, high-quality patient care, and our service team has more time to address your most critical operating issues.


GE has developed a unique technology which allows its service engineers to look into the heart of any equipment linked by a broadband connection. From a distance they can examine the error log, check functioning of individual parts, and diagnose what actions are needed to fix the problem.

In most cases, they can carry out repairs just as effectively as they would if they were there on-site. If the machine needs a new part and can’t be repaired immediately, they will make sure that another engineer is sent fully prepared to deal with the problem in a single visit.

Overall, roughly 50 per cent of all problems can be resolved within an hour remotely. With the goal of providing a yet higher level of predictive service for customers, service technologies can even help us predict a system failure.

Knowing what to expect

With InSite, 50 per cent of all problems can be resolved within an hour remotely. In situations where an onsite intervention is needed, remote diagnostics provides Online Service Engineers with key information in advance, allowing them to prepare a targeted on-site intervention in the shortest possible time.

Remote diagnostics also make it possible to cut down the number of probable causes to the level of a particular set of components. In only about 20 per cent of service calls is it necessary to replace a part. But in those situations, the remote service technology is very effective. The part needed can be identified and ordered so that the part is there for the Field Service Engineer to use when he arrives on site.

Power behind service

InSite gets its power from the knowledge accumulated by a global network of about 5000 skilled service engineers.

Each time they carry out a repair on a GE machine, they send the details to a central database that now lists thousands of solutions to service problems.

Each time an engineer comes up against an unfamiliar situation all they need to do is log in to the database – the chances are that one of their colleagues has been there before and knows exactly what to do.


Direct access to the level of expertise that you need

Having fast access to GE Healthcare expertise is an excellent way for a radiology department to optimize equipment use and fulfill their obligations to patients. There are two ways to get help – the duty radiographer can telephone an experienced and knowledgeable agent at their national or regional service centre who will put him in touch with an engineer familiar with that technology. Or the radiographer can send a message straight away from their own computer console describing the problem.

This uses GE Healthcare’s unique iLinq™ system which delivers the fault report to the on-line service engineer responsible for that particular imaging modality who will take responsibility for resolving the issue.

Instant access - all year round

iLinq raises communications between healthcare providers and GE to a new level. It features an electronic messaging system for live interaction between the customer and their Online Service engineers.

With iLinq, customers can request support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. But whatever communications channel that the customer chooses to use, they will be guaranteed a rapid response from someone with a deep understanding of that technology. They can expect to be called back within 30 minutes –or five minutes, if it’s an emergency.

Experts who speak your language

GE Online Service Engineers (OLSEs) are specialists in a specific modality: CT, MRI, X-ray, functional or molecular imaging. They speak customer’s language and run operations in almost every country where GE Healthcare is present. They usually have an engineering degree and an average of 15 years experience in the field, giving them a wealth of practical experience that enables them to troubleshoot systems quickly.

Through a combination of GE Healthcare’s remote diagnostic software and their own expertise in the technologies concerned, OLSEs can examine the look into the system from a distance and identify mechanical malfunctions, repair software errors and even help diagnose certain image quality problems.