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A new life for your imaging systems.
Better performance for you.

Installed Base Solutions

Our numerous solutions can help enhance the performance and capabilities of your installed equipment. These solutions include abilities to: 

  • replace specific components,  
  • add new features,  
  • and upgrade to the latest technologies at any time during the equipment life cycle - on terms that fit your budget.

Image Quality

Choose GE Healthcare Solutions to optimize the image quality

A key factor to success in your daily work is to get the best possible image quality. Installed Base Solutions can bring your practice a new standard of imaging technology.

Increase diagnostic confidence

A new X-ray generator or image system can enable you to get better image quality and speed up examinations, to help you to provide sure and efficient diagnostics.


Choose GE Healthcare Solutions to help you boost your productivity

Nowadays, many departments are facing challenges with increasing responsibilities and limited resources. With Installed Base Solutions offerings you can effectively leverage new technologies and get more from your current resources.

Optimize your work

Solutions like FlashPad are specifically intended to help you and your staff save time, perform faster exams, and ultimately optimize department productivity. New controls and functions enable quicker access and greater ease of use.


Choose GE Healthcare Solutions to integrate your equipment with IT

Digital technology has transformed the way you capture, record and use images. Installed Base Solutions offer a range of products to help you bring your analog imaging into the digital world.

Streamline your procedures

Our solutions can help you create flexible and scalable print networks and tie your imaging system into PACS. The mammography CR interface combined with the CR image acquisition enhances your image management by automatically capturing exposure parameters from your analog equipment.

New applications

Choose GE Healthcare Solutions to expand your areas of practice

Continuous development of technology enlarges the number of opportunities that are available. Installed Base Solutions can help you to get access to a vast array of solutions that deliver new capabilities.

Improve your quality of care

We propose coils, review workstation upgrades, suspensions, wall stands, and much more to help you serve more patients and enhance your abilities to provide diagnostics.


Choose GE Healthcare Solutions to help ensuring compliance

With the evolution of technology and new requirements, the need to focus on patient safety remains constant. Installed Base Solutions are there to facilitate crucial steps and to help ensuring compliance with regulations that apply to your activities, in a simple and cost-effective way.

Meet requirements on dose limits

Replacing the X-Ray generator will assist your facility in compliance with dose limits that apply to your activity. New tables have frames that guarantee total system rigidity, so the tube carriage ensures longitudinal travel of the X-ray source assembly column and spot film device. FlashPad, a flat panel from GE Healthcare, due to its High DQE, will help you to meet applicable  requirements on dose limitations." 


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