Your experience on GE Healthcare booth

  • You were walked through our latest portfolio in care pathway of breast cancer.
  • You could discover our solutions for each stage of lung cancer care pathway
  • You could learn solutions for your radiation oncology center and minimally invasive treatment centers.

  • You can still discover our solutions here or contact us.
    We will help your oncology multidisciplinary team improve the cancer patient care by providing the essential components for an overall quality cancer management.


GE Clinical Sessions

At our booth we were hosting live clinical presentations on:

Breast cancer screening
With an effective Screening Program, you are enabled to achieve the results you need in the fight against breast cancer with comprehensive screening and early detection. GE Healthcare can assist you with the infrastructure, training, awareness and advocacy you need to establish an effective screening program.
Speaker: Claire Goodliffe

Lung cancer early detection
GE Healthcare’s vision is to help physicians in earlier detection and diagnosis of lung cancer through a reliable and trusted early lung cancer detection solution. Discover GE Healthcare suite for lung cancer early detection
Speaker: Miriame Victor

Tumor board clinical decision making tools
Innovations in oncology imaging mean not only a remarkable improvement in survival rates, but also a huge increase in information that is shared by the mutidisciplinary teams. We help you coordinate through one click various streams of information into a cohesive and easily accessible unit for an efficient clinical decision making, standardised care and complete institutional memory.
Speaker: Miriame Victor / Thomas Pelon

Quantitative PET in treatment monitoring
We offer clinical tools on PET/CT that enable you to have quantitatification of the tumor.
Speaker: Alberto De Monte

If you want to hear more about those presentations please contact us here.


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